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Dr.K Radakrishnan

Valaista aspires to inspire in you that spark of innovation and creativity very necessary for every budding engineer. Here, we have a series of technical events compiled to give you that perfect blend of knowledge and fun. Organised by IEEE SB GECT, this event aims to provide students an in-depth understanding of various engineering domains combined with hands-on experience in the best way possible. This is a golden opportunity for you to expand your skillset and get updated with latest techno.

Working Process

Working Process of Valaista

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9:00am, 19 June, 2021


In the gracious presence of
Padma Bhushan Dr. K Radhakrishnan

14-17 June, 2021

Registeration for Aurora

Participate online. The links for your registered events will be sent to you via email and whatsapp groups.
IEEE Members - 50 Rs.
Non-IEEE Members - 75 Rs.
Send payments via GPAY to 9188804155

Registration Closed

7pm, 19 June, 2021

Aurora - A Space colloquy

Join experts and education specialists from Society for Space Education, Research and Development (SSERD). A power packed event with knowledge, quizzes and breakout sessions. Ask questions, get teaching resources and share the excitement of space exploration with us.

Rescheduled. Time will be announced soon

Mind to Mind - Mentoring Programme

This is a unique opportunity for all GECTians, wherein you will have access to the vast alumni network of GEC Thrissur that will help you grow professionally and personally by forming meaningful relations with our alumni.


21-25 June, 2021

Registration for Forge - 3D Printing training session

3-D printing is already shaking our age-old notion of what can and can’t be made. We are coming up with FORGE, the second event of the technical matrix Valaista, Aspire to Inspire. Let’s explore what’s up there in the world of additive manufacturing.


7pm, 26 June, 2021

Forge - Session on 3D Printing

Workshop content:
📌3D Printing - Origin, Types and Basic Procedure. 📌A live demo involving: Designing on SketchUp. Slicing on Cura. Live demo of Dexbot+, the closed metal body 3D Printer, it's basic commands and functions.
📌3D Printing the designed model on Dexbot+.
📌A Q&A session with the students

21-28 August, 2021

Registration for Glide - Session on Drone Technology

The Drone workshop, for all those drone enthusiasts to dig deeper into the technical aspects of drone technology.
Workshop Content
✨Introduction to drone technology. Engineering aspects Classification
✨Anatomy and design of multi router drones Electronic design Dynamics in various mateorologic condition
✨Directorate of General Civil Aviation Regulations
✨Future of Drone technology


Sept 4, 7pm - 8pm

AuRea - Doorstep to AR

⚜️ Introduction to Augmented Reality and virtual reality
⚜️ AR Devices and VR Devices
⚜️Development platforms
⚜️ Augmented Reality Industrial application ⚜️Demonstration of AR


More events to be announced soon.